Complete Small Animal Hospital

To ensure the best possible care for your pet, the California Veterinary Clinic provides compete small animal services that include wellness exams, surgery, dental care, radiology, and pharmacy and lab services.

Large Animal Services

Our experienced veterinarians are able to help with all of your large animal veterinary needs, including in-clinic services and farm calls. We treat cattle, sheep, horses, pigs, and goats.

Professional Consultations

The veterinarians at the California Veterinary Clinic provide consultations regarding a wide range of issues such as small animal health, diet, and behavior as well as large animal herd management, vaccination protocol, nutrition, and reproductive health.

Pet Boarding

Trust the California Veterinary Clinic in California, Missouri to take care of your pets while you're away on business or vacation.

Emergency Services

Sometimes emergencies happen. We know your animals are important to you, so we offer 24-hour emergency services, on-site or at the clinic. Call the number at the clinic for information on how to contact the on-call veterinarian.