With our professional consultations, we can help you modify the diet, environment, and vaccinations for your animal based on their needs.

Small Animal Health, Diet, and Behavior

If you are having a difficult time maintaining your pet’s weight, we take a deeper look into diet, exercise, and other potential health issues that may be causing the problems. There are many diet options that can be used to help maintain a pet’s weight. Further diagnostics may also be performed to determine if weight fluctuation is caused by an underlying endocrine issue.

Herd Management

If you are having concerns about your livestock or having difficulty controlling illnesses in your herd, please contact the California Veterinary Clinic and we will help you determine the underlying cause. It is important to have a proper vaccination protocol established to ensure your herd is properly managed. Nutrition and living environment are also important in establishing herd health.

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Financing for Animal Services

Payment is expected at time of service unless pre-arranged.
We take CareCredit, which offers six month no interest for qualified purchases.

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